Friday, June 6, 2008

WSOP Event #9 and other failures.

Event 9 had the look of a great tournament for myself and a couple of the guys: Short handed, which is our normal game and a large weak field to take advantage of. Things didn't work out though, I busted with aces against a flush draw on the flop only 45 minutes in. I succeeded to some degree with my plan of establishing a loose aggressive image, and I suppose that prompted my opponent in the final hand to make a large overbet all-in on the flop with the flush draw. But when you can't win a hand as a 68% favourite you are not going to get far in any tournament.

I played in a $1080 tournament at Bellagio afterwards, and busted in that one about half way in after folding a lot. 6 hours of tournament poker took a harder toll on me than expected, so I called it a day after that. I haven't really had any cards to play with so far, so I have yet to see if my aggressive strategy will work.

Back home Mathias sucked out on me in a 4-way pool tournament that I had practically clinched. Everything is so rigged. Today we go shopping.

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