Monday, June 9, 2008

Event #13.

Event #13 Saturday went much better than #9. I lasted over twice as long, and lost as a much bigger favourite. About 100 minutes in I raised from UTG+1 with 97s, and get 3 callers. I flop a flush draw, and BB bets about half pot. I call, and so does the button. We are 3-way, the pot is growing big and on the turn I make my flush. BB checks, I bet 2/3 pot, Button raises, BB folds, and we go all-in. He shows a flopped slow-played set (not a good play imo). He obviously rivers a full house, and I am gone.

The beats you take playing live poker are somewhat harder to bear than online. Everything is much more in your face, it takes longer to play the next hands, and the emotions of yourself and your opponents are an important part of the game much more so than online. This recent beat is not exceptional at all, but it took its toll on me emotionally. It more or less ruined my day actually. But I am nothing if not stubborn, so I will keep plugging of course. Yesterday was a vast improvement, we hung out at the mansion for most of the day, and then went for a good meal and some cash game. I watched game 2 of the NBA finals, played 10/20NL at the Bellagio for a few hours and won $1100 in only small pots. A good solid evening that I think I needed.

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