Wednesday, May 14, 2008


31.8 hours, 31,178 hands, $25,031, MT Ratio: 8.64, 4.06PTBB/100.

10.8 hours, 10,417 hands, $14,713, MT Ratio: 8.58, 6.60PTBB/100.

Yesterday a few hours into day 2, I was down $13k for the week, and at the bottom of a 30 buy-in downswing. What a difference a day makes. Now I am sitting pretty on my mountain of gold snickering arrogantly at the poor bastards whose aces I crack with my kings.

When you are on top things like now, of course everything seems like cotton candy. But yesterday I really think the marathon concept did wonders for me. I would have quit 10 times during my monster day yesterday if I hadn't put up this challenge for myself, and I probably would have played worse when the results really went against me. I am not usually prone to tilt, but I am sure my game deteriorates a bit during the really ugly periods when nothing goes right. When you know that the results have no immidiate effect on you (you are still going to have a crappy week sitting bent over your keyboard no matter what) they become less of strain on you when they suck.

Physically I feel the strain now, I have a bit of pain and tension in back and shoulders, and I suspect that won't go away for long this week. Will get some more excercise tomorrow before playing, hopefully that will work out some kinks.

The great results of the last day and a half have been a nice companion, so I haven't really had a problem staying motivated and focused. But I foresee tough times if I hit a bad streak the next couple of days, since I am now getting a bit sick of playing poker, and still not exactly near the end. I have four days to go, and I am counting on my natural stubbornness to get me through.

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