Sunday, May 18, 2008

I hate everything.

71.4 hours, 70,029 hands, $23,877, MT Ratio: 8.78, 1.64PTBB/100 (e.a.:2.5), $7,503 rake paid.

10.25 hours, 10,993 hands, -$13,860, MT Ratio: 9.49, -3.78PTBB/100.

"I must admit it was a relief to finally crack $30k, hopefully for good. As the graph shows, I have been grinding the same money up and down forever, and I was getting fairly sick of always returning to $23k. I know you are probably not feeling very sorry for me about being stuck at 'only' $23k, but imagine working 25 hours on something, getting no result and then having to pay for it in the end. But a little before midnight, I finally, finally, FINALLY got rewarded for all the lost coin flips and setups over the last two day. Makes me feel like river dancing."

-Quote playbald yesterday


-Quote playbald Wedensday.

"Crap day, crap week, crap project."

-Quote playbald right fucking now.

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