Saturday, May 17, 2008


61.1 hours, 59,036 hands, $37,737, MT Ratio: 8.66, 2.65PTBB/100 (e.a.: 3.5), $6,419 rake paid.

10.4 hours, 9,932 hands, $13,562, MT Ratio: 8.6, 3.32PTBB/100.

My supernatural powers of prediction have triumphed yet again. If I overlook the fact that I didn't exactly have my best day ever, I did go over 35k, so thats a pretty good success rate for a fortune teller. I am now going to set up shop and predict everyones future on the internets at a very modest rate. Death and marriage predictions free on Thursdays.

I must admit it was a relief to finally crack $30k, hopefully for good. As the graph shows, I have been grinding the same money up and down forever, and I was getting fairly sick of always returning to $23k. I know you are probably not feeling very sorry for me about being stuck at 'only' $23k, but imagine working 25 hours on something, getting no result and then having to pay for it in the end. But a little before midnight, I finally, finally, FINALLY got rewarded for all the lost coin flips and setups over the last two day. Makes me feel like river dancing.

One more day and 11k hands to go, and I will be ready to do some serious relaxing.

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