Thursday, May 29, 2008

And the beat goes on.

I played in the weekly Thursday tournament in Casino Copenhagen this evening, and lasted about 40 minutes. Things went as planned early, as I attacked the blinds and weak limpers of whom there were plenty (the limpers that is, the number of blinds was standard). There was about 4 weak calling stations at the table.

Then one of them 3-bet me preflop when I had AK. I called, hit an ace on the flop while he hit a set of nines, and I was crippled. Ten minutes later I lose a preflop all-in with ATo against a calling station with 65s. He called a raise from CO, and then called my shove from SB as well, for about 15 BBs. nh, wp.

Since my last post, I have had two losing cash game sessions. The last one I was just about to get away with a $2k win, which would have been huge this month, but then as I was going home I sat at two very juicy 2000NL tables for an hour and promtly lost 4 buy-ins.

I am now at break even for the month, and feeling some poker sadness.

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