Thursday, September 13, 2007

Well that was fun...

I am really excited about a new record of mine which I set tonight: I just lost $6,988. It was just an incredible amount of bad beats, coolers and expensive laydowns that combined to give me a gruesome session. I think I stacked myself about 3 times in which I should have made a good laydown, but I honestly think the rest was pure bred bad luck. I lost about $2000 with the hands QQ, KK, AA, AKo, AKs combined. As you know, I am not the type to slowplay these hands, so this is a testament to the amount of great hands I ran into whenever I had the goods. I also lost $3000 with two pairs being my final hand. Pretty disgusting.

Well, tonight put me in the red for the month, and there are some tough days ahead grinding it back up.

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