Thursday, September 27, 2007

A week gone by...

...and no blog updates. I am embarrassed by leaving you all out to dry, but I have had a rough week in my poker life. The rest of my life has been good as usual, so no need to worry.

Anyway, since last post, I had several losing days in a row, culminating Monday with a minus 10 buy-in session bringing me in the red for September. Having a losing month is not something I am used to, so it wore on me a little, and I couldn't really motivate myself to write about it. Yesterday morning I was at the buttom of a 20 buy-in downswing, so thats $12k down the drain.

The last couple of days have been good though, so I am now more than half way up again and feeling better about the whole thing. Like I've mentioned before, how you handle the tough days is really what defines your ability to become a professional poker player. I try to not let it affect my mood. That is not really possible, but at least I try to put it all in perspective and remind myself how little it means, in the long run financially, as well as in terms of what really matters in life. That said, I don't feel like discussing it much when I am in the middle of a bad period. I usually prefer to work on it myself in my own head, and that can be a bit dangerous for my social life. At least it is something I need to be aware of, so people around me don't get the idea I'm pissed off or not caring about them.

Anyway, enough about that. Poker has no memory. All you have to think about is how to play the hand you've been dealt.

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