Monday, September 17, 2007

Deep run in WCOOP

Sunday 8 days ago I had a nice run in Partypokers sunday tournament, but finished #93, so still a ways from the real money. Playing Sunday tournaments on the laptop coincides nicely with watching NFL. Since I am an avid NFL Fantasy player, I don't appreciate missing any available NFL games, costing me countless hours of good poker time. By the way, thank you Patriots for bottling up LT, I just need a couple of points from Kevin Curtis or David Akers now FTW.

Anyways, yesterday (and today as well actually) I played World Championship of Online Poker Event 5, a $530 NL tournament at Pokerstars with over 6000 players.

After about 8 hours of play, I was in 4th place with about 250 players to go. At that point my stack was worth about $30k I think. But after that nothing went right, and after 10 hours I took 134th place after losing with AK to KQ all-in preflop. I suppose I shouldn't be complaining about winning $3600, but DAMN that was dissapointing. Going that deep in such a huge tournament is an awesome experience nonetheless, too bad it happens so rarely, and almost always ends up with a frustrating beat. I would quickly go insane if I had to make a living from multi player tournaments alone. This experience has left me wanting more however, so I may play another WCOOP event or two in the coming weeks.

They are finishing up the final table as I write, after 18 hours, it is still undecided. You need stamina to go far in a tournament like this that starts late in the evening European time, and then drags on for 20 hours. I am now cheering for AB_illusive who I chatted with on Pokernet (danish poker forum) 10 hours ago when I was high rolling like him. He is currently in last place at the final table with 8 players to go. Go Asger!

Update: He is now 2nd in chips by a wide margin both ways. 7 to go.

Update: Chip leader with four players to go after hitting a sick 2-outer. This is his day.

Final update: Asger took it down, and I guess he will be famous now :). This was the longest tournament ever on stars (Almost 21 hours) and the 3rd largest prize pool after the WCOOP 2005 and 2006 main events. The heads up battle was a totally sick back and forth battle btw, I don't recall seeing anything like that before.

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