Friday, August 17, 2007

Professional poker player!

I return to you envigourated by several vacations, the World Series of Poker, conclusion of my education as an actuary and love, no less, as I am now a married man.

In other words: I am pumped ladies and gentlemen, and ready to play some poker. Since I am no longer a student and I certainly don't plan to do any real work anytime soon, the only think left to call myself is...

Professional Poker Player!

I am already a few days into my career as a pro, but so far it's pretty much the same as before. I don't have that nagging feeling that I should be doing some home work or thesis work instead of doing whatever else it is that I do, but otherwise life as a pro is exactly the same as life as a semi pro/student.

But that will not do. It is not enough for me to make a comfortable living on a 20 hour work week, and then just hang around the rest of the time. I need to do more. I am not quite decided yet on what that should be, but I promise myself, you, God and my parents that I will produce at least a 40 hour week of either playing or learning.

The beautiful thing is that I get to choose from a wide range of possibilities. I could learn some new poker variants. Stud or Omaha comes to mind. I could sharpen my tournament game. I could take more shots at higher levels of NL Hold'em cash games and spend some time properly analyzing my game. I could try to commercialize this blog in one way or another. Or I could learn a proper programming language and try to produce a poker application or two that I have in mind.

For now, I am just enjoying my freedom and grinding a bit of poker. Vacations, WSOP and the wedding have taken it's toll on all the bankrolls, those for poker as well as those for spending, so grinding and rebuilding is on the schedule for now. Hopefully I will soon get it back to a level I am more comfortable with, and then I will consider that list above.


Gambler_dk said...

Tillykke med giftermålet, og med din nye status som pro håber jeg, at vi får jævnlige opdateringer på bloggen?

Man er jo nysgerrig. :-)

Thomas said...

Congrats with the wedding!

It could be fun to work on a poker application, I'm trying improve my skills in Visual Basic and C# .net for the same reason :-)

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