Saturday, July 7, 2007

Zizzling hot!

Tonight I turned in another 3k hand $5k session. Pretty unreal to to have back to back sessions like that. I even had a few nasty suckouts go against me tonight, but somehow still managed to maintain a growing balance throughout. Obviously I am on an enormous heater, but I'll take it. The Vegas trip is completely paid for now, with some to spare, so I am very happy with that.

After securing a good result for the night, I played 3 different multi table tournaments with no success. Apparently tournaments are just not my thing anymore. I like to think I am saving my luck for that one huge score. Anyway, MTT's for me will always be sort of a hobby with positive expected value. I could never play them for a living and remain sane, and I have the utmost respect for those who can. To have your bank roll depleted continually, only rarely boosted by infrequent big wins, is a great recipe for a stressful life in my opinion. There is nothing quite like winning a big tournament though, I hope to try that again some time. Anyway, I quickly went back to the cash games after those few tournaments and commenced pwning.

Right now I am channeling all mental energy and luckboxness to my friend Per Ravn who is playing day 1B of the main event as I write. I have a piece of his action you see, otherwise I wouldn't have cared one way or the other. Good luck Per, make me rich!


Kenneth said...

'Luckboxness' is such a sweetass word.

Oh, and good job on the 2x$5k sessions. On 3/6. That's just crazy.

Kristian said...

Such a sweetass word... wasted. He didn't make it through day 1, so it looks like I need to do the hard work myself if I want to be rich.