Saturday, June 30, 2007

WSOP Event 49

I am so going to win it. And I ain't kidding this time. When I qualify for the final table of this event on Monday, it will mean I leave Vegas never having spent a full day not playing WSOP. Think about it.

Btw. getting in a cash game at the Bellagio Friday night takes roughly 2 weeks. I had to quit on them bastards.

Result edits:

Hi, guest blogger benny here. At the first break Kristian was up to almost twice his starting stack. What happened next? The guest blogger went to sleep, night fell on mainland Europe... But stay tuned for more updates, morning has rerisen.


Haha, nice one Benny. It's me again now. I got a nice run for my money, worked my stack up to 5 times starting stack, but busted around place 500, with prize money for final 300 or just about. Three thousand something total entrants. No bracelets for me this year. I am too exhausted right now to post in detail, that will have to wait till tomorrow Vegas time. Tomorrow I am not playing in the WSOP, and that will actually be a nice change.


OK, sorry for not updating as promised, I met up with a friend here, and didn't have time to post. Here is my detailed report of the event.

I probably made my biggest mistake of the entire WSOP in just the second orbit of the tournament. I had decided that I was going to mercilessly attack the table hard from the beginning to abuse all the amateur players nursing their precious $1500 stacks. The table fit this strategy better than I could have hoped, this was the worst live table I have played at ever, and it is not close. During the first orbit I picked up 4 smallish pots, and also played a couple of other hands, so by the time 3rd orbit was starting, my image was extremely LAG. A young guy to my left had made just one raise, but I had a vague read that he was a good aggressive player like me from his general demeanor. I am in SB, folded to button who steals, I call with 99. I would have raised normally, but felt like underrepresenting my hand due to my image. Now young guy 3-bets, button calls. I consider shoving briefly, but due to the weakness of my read on young guy elect to just call again. Flop comes 853 rainbow, I check, young guy shoves, button folds. His shove is about pot sized, and I have him slightly covered. I think for a long time, and finally fold.

The reason I think this is such a big mistake is my image. I deliberately played to achieve a LAG image, I exploit my image underrepresenting a good hand, but fail to pull the trigger when it is required that I put faith in my strategy. I folded because my read on young guy was so weak, and he moved in so confidently. Had he been a passive casual player, it would certainly have been a good fold. Time proved him to be an Internet pro like myself, and had I known that I would have called instantly.

As it turned out, he was the only decent player at the table, so I was pretty unlucky to have him at my left. It became quite clear that the two of us was going to battle for table control. It turned out to be me, as I sucked out on him all in preflop with 76s against his queens, and he busted later against some other guy. This allowed me to pick my spots comfortably, and I almost tripled up during the 3 hours I was at the table. Let me just clarify that tripling up is not an expected result even at such a table, I was also a bit lucky, but people were playing horribly passively and giving me free cards when I was behind, so I didn't need to be extremely lucky. I felt comfortable that any raise postflop was a big hand, and information that solid is very valuable.

The next table I played had a few good players, but still a couple of passive old timers. The guy to my right literally TOLD ME, that he would only play for his stack when he was pretty sure he was ahead. I don't think he even realized that there was a difference between pushing and calling an all-in, I believe in his mind an all-in was sort of a mutual agreement.

Anyway, this is getting long. To make it short, I had an interesting run. After tripling up to 9k, I went up another stack, then down to 6k, up to 14k, all the way down to 3k and back up to 14k again. Lots of interesting hands. I finally got moved to a new table, and spent an hour folding, so I was down to about 12BBs. I then raise ATs from UTG+1 due to my tight image, get two callers, flop comes A93, I check/raise aggressive button table chip leader who has AQ, bye bye. I busted after 10 hours of poker, with a slightly different view of what a WSOP event can be like. I must admit, I want more. Unfortunately that will have to wait till next year.

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