Thursday, June 28, 2007

WSOP Event 45

Woke up really early, and got up at 7. Jet lag could become a problem towards the end of the day, but I am counting on adrenaline to keep me sharp. Anyway, it's not like I have never played late night poker before.

The structure of the event looks ok, but it is not going to be deep stacked for long. The first hour starting stacks are 200BBs, next hour 100BB, and then 50BB. In the fourth hour antes kick in.

I don't really have a specific strategy other than to play my usual aggressive style, and then adapt to conditions as quickly as possible. It will be interesting to see how different the game is from what I am used to during the first few hours. I don't have any goals either, other than not doing anything stupid.

If I bust quickly, I will head for some cash games to get into some kind of poker rythm before tomorrows event. Everyone says the cash games here are really soft. I likely won't update results until this evening. Later.

Results edit:

To make a long story short, I busted about three and a half hours in. Starting stacks were 10k, and I hovered between 5k and 10k the whole tournament.

The table was really tough, with no weak players among the starting 6. High stakes pro Eli Elezra showed up half an hour late, then spend most of his time on the rail or talking in a cell phone, while still managing to play a lot of hands. He busted early, probably not bothering to commit himself to the tournament without a large stack. Ram Vaswani (probably misspelled) took his place and played really well, and he was among the chip leaders last time I checked.

Not much interesting action to report from my point of view, I played only small or medium small pots, only a couple going so far as to see the turn. Pretty boring actually. I did get a few decent hands, but never got resistance when I wanted it, unfortunately. I busted as I tried to steal from the small blind with 56s (BB 200, I bet 600), and big blind tried to resteal (to 2000). I sensed some weakness, and decided I had decent fold equity and shoved for a total of 6600. Apparently I overestimated my fold equity and my image, and he called with ATo after thinking for a while. I picked up a pair on the flop, but turn was an ace, bye bye. I am obviously not happy with the way I busted, I obviously could have had a sharper read on what he thought of my image, and also deciding to steal from SB with 56s with only 33BBs is questionable. On the other hand, something did need to happen for me to get back in the tournament, so I don't think it was a disaster play by any means. BB was a friendly swede named Jonatan Stål, and I spoke with him at length afterwards. Sadly, it looks like he busted on day 1 also.

I then played the 5/10NL cash game for an hour. I got stacked with kings beaten by aces, and decided I had had enough poker for today. Finished up by watching some of the final table of the 50k horse tournament.

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Anonymous said...

Got a text message from Kristian saying this: 2 hours in, rough table, half stacked, something must happen soon.