Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Here we go

I am safely home from Greece, just as a massive heatwave descends on southern Europe. This afternoon I am defending my thesis, for which I am reasonably well prepared, so I am not too worried about that.

And then, tomorrow I am off to Vegas, to play in up to three WSOP events. The main target is WSOP Event 45, beginning Thursday, which is a six-handed $5000 event. If I bust on day one, which is obviously always the most likely outcome, I will be playing event 47 Friday, and on the same condition, event 49 on Saturday. These are $2000 and $1500 events, both full ring. Results will be posted here as soon as they are available.

It's a busy and exciting time, and a time where I could sure use a hand from sweet lady luck. Cross your fingers for me! The good part is that I don't think any off these events can go terribly wrong, I can afford to lose what I am investing in the WSOP, and I can't see the thesis defense go terribly wrong either. Anyway, win or lose, I should have some good stories to tell by the end of the week. At the very least, I understand there is a good chance I will get to piss next to a famous poker pro, as that seems to be a popular activity among WSOP bloggers. We will see.

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