Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Actuary arrived in Vegas

Thesis defence yesterday went well, so I am now officially an actuary!

The trip to Sin City went well, so I am now officially in Las Vegas!

Total travel time: 22 hours from leaving home until entering my room at Harrah's Hotel. I must admit I am a bit beat. Already it has been made painfully clear that I can barely move in my room without it somehow costing me money. If I even touch the mini bar, it will assume I took something and charge me. To log on the Internet, I have to pay for a full 24 hours. Water from the mini bar costs $3. I am almost afraid to turn on the TV. Do you think they charge extra for using the bathroom?

Random observations from Atlanta airport: Everyone spoke like racists do in movies. Every single baggage handler was an overweight black person (observation size about 25). I did not spot a single Mike Vick jersey.

One customs officer in Atlanta told me in standard 'southern', that in the old days you could sit down and play some solid cards, but nowadays poker was all luck with all the new players and all. That means I have a chance! Tomorrow, I hit the WSOP like a hurricane.


Anonymous said...

becoming-hurricane? Very well put sir, that's the spirit exactly, Gilles Deleuze would be proud of you. A molecular storm, a swarm of intensities charging new territories. Thats you!

Good luck today, from finding a cheap way to shower to navigating through the registration process to getting brunsons and greensteins autographs to actually playing, have a good one.


Morten said...

Any Ron Mexico jerseys? ;)

René said...

All the best of luck. I'll be following your highway to success on the WSOP web and on this blog. Hopefully you will be too busy winning (or was that whining?) at the tables to write anything.